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Abdominal CT Scan

Ensure you get the early treatment you need with a non-invasive evaluation of the abdominal region. 

Liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, diverticulitis, kidney stones, and other conditions that affect the abdominal region can continue to worsen if left untreated, putting your well-being and longevity at risk. Often, these conditions progress without obvious symptoms, allowing disease to develop to an advanced stage that can be difficult to treat.

At USA Longevity Centers, we use advanced CT (computed tomography) scan technology to create highly detailed images of the abdominal area, giving you confidence that your health is not being overlooked. Our radiologists provide an expert assessment of your abdominal imaging results, empowering you to take any necessary next steps to protect your health. 

We’ll help you put good health back in your hands. Schedule an abdominal CT scan at one of our nearby longevity centers and find out if there’s anything you can do to preserve your future health. 

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What Does an Abdominal CT Scan Show?

A CT scan of the abdomen is used to examine several major internal organs, including the liver, kidneys, colon, and pancreas. It’s a pain-free screening procedure that can detect early signs of cancer or other health issues in several organs. 

At USA Longevity Centers, our experienced staff uses the newest Philips Incisive CT Scanner to perform abdominal CT scans with contrast. This technology generates extremely detailed 3D images that our radiologists use to detect signs of tumors, abscesses, blockages, blood vessel problems, and other issues that impact any part of the abdominal area, including the following systems of the body:

    • Endocrine
    • Gastrointestinal
    • Reproductive
    • Urinary

Who Should Consider a CT Scan of the Abdomen?

Any adult who is concerned about their long-term health can benefit from an abdominal CT scan. Many of our patients are middle age or older and looking for reassurance that they are in good health. Others have unique risk factors that put them at a higher risk for certain diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or a family history of cancer or other diseases.

This advanced wellness evaluation can help to detect early signs of dozens of serious illnesses, including prostate cancer, which one in eight men will be diagnosed within their lifetime, and kidney disease, which impacts an estimated 37 million Americans, nine of 10 of whom don’t know they have the condition. 

Our CT scan of the abdomen can also detect fatty liver disease, which can lead to liver failure and liver cancer if left untreated. It’s estimated that 80 to 100 million adults in the US have this condition. However, as with many other illnesses impacting the abdominal region, many people don’t know they have it, and so can’t benefit from treatment. 

If you want to take control of your health, schedule a longevity screening near you today. Let our expert team provide the deep insights that can help you get the early treatment you might need. 

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Our longevity centers are equipped with advanced imaging technologies. We’re also staffed by leading radiologists who will provide the results of your screening procedure to your primary care physician so you can discuss your care with your doctor. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About CT Scans of the Abdominal Area

Here are answers to some of the questions we receive from our patients at USA Longevity Centers. 

Can you eat before a CT scan?

You can eat before a CT scan of the abdomen but avoid heavy foods. We also recommend avoiding meals about three hours before your scan. It’s best to stick with clear liquids right before your exam.

You should also make sure you are hydrated, so drink plenty of water, but avoid drinking caffeinated coffee. 

What organs does an abdominal CT scan show?

An abdominal CT scan creates 3D images of your liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, intestines, pancreas, and reproductive organs. 

What happens during the abdominal screening procedure?

During your scan, you’ll lie on a table. The CT scanner will take images of internal organs while you lie still. You won’t feel anything during the procedure, and it’s usually completed in less than five minutes. 

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