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Your Ticket to a Long Healthy Life

Preventative and Data-Driven Health Management


People don’t wait for planes to fall from the sky before maintaining them.
Unfortunately, that’s how we treat our bodies.

USA Longevity approaches healthcare with a different philosophy: Early detection saves lives.

USA Longevity specializes in early detection of heart diseases and cancer to enable early treatments and avoid preventable deaths. With our all-in-one full-body Longevity Platinum Exam (LPE), we enable early detection of heart diseases and cancers responsible for at least 70% of deaths so they can be treated earlier and you can live a longer and healthier life.

Medicine redefined: We put your health back in your control

Up to 40%

of premature deaths are preventable

(source: CDC)

of deaths from heart disease and stroke in the US are preventable

(source: CDC)
About 40%

of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes

(source: NCI)

How It Works

01 Sign up for a scan at our outpatient location
02 Get a full body scan or choose from our selection of diagnostic packages
03 Receive a personalized screening and diagnostic care plan to take actionable steps for a longer and healthier life



Our Longevity Executive Exam is a total body CT scan that is used to screen for heart disease and cancers throughout the body so that they can be treated earlier and you can live a longer and healthier life.


As low as 999.75 a month

The Coronary CTA is the gold standard for cardiac screening. Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.


As low as 499.75 a month

The Low-Dose Lung CT Scan is the primary method to detect lung cancer, with about 1 in 15 people having lung cancer during their lifetime.


As low as 249.75 a month

The Heart Calcium Score & Low-Dose Lung Scan are quick, no contrast, minimally invasive lung & heart evaluations to determine calcium deposits in the coronary arteries and look for early signs of lung cancer.


As low as 299.75 a month


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