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USA Longevity Centers offers a comprehensive range of high-quality CT scans. These scans provide detailed insights that can assist you in reaching a clear diagnosis faster, potentially reducing the need for additional tests.

  • Longevity Executive Whole Body Scan
  • Coronary CTA Exam
  • Low-Dose Lung CT Exam
  • Heart Calcium + Low-Dose Lung CT Scan
  • Abdominal Screen Exam

The results from our scans can be the roadmap to connecting the needed treatment plan to ensure your patients have a deeper overview of their overall health or to detect and pinpoint conditions at proactive stages.

USA Longevity Centers can indirectly contribute to better patient outcomes and satisfaction by providing access to advanced imaging. This reflects positively on your practice and empowers you to deliver exceptional care.

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The USA Longevity Centers Difference

USA Longevity Center offers doctors a powerful tool for early disease detection, leading to more accurate diagnoses, personalized care, and improved patient outcomes. The integration of advanced imaging technology with comprehensive screening programs and personalized health approaches makes these CT scans a valuable resource in preventative and proactive healthcare.

Quality CT Scan Machines

A CT scan that shows no abnormality still provides useful data. The information aids the health care provider by focusing attention away from unnecessary medical concerns. Modern CT scanners acquire information in seconds – sometimes in fractions of a second – depending on the examination. Learn more

Additional Imaging Examinations

CT scanning provides medical information that is different from other imaging examinations, such as ultrasound, MRI, SPECT, PET or nuclear medicine. Each imaging technique has advantages and limitations. The principal advantages of CT are its abilities to rapidly acquire images, provide clear and concise information, image a small portion or whole portion during same examination.

Improving Diagnosis and Treatment

Benefit include more effective medical management by: determining when surgeries are necessary reducing the need for exploratory surgeries improving cancer diagnosis and treatment reducing the length of hospitalizations guiding treatment of common conditions such as injury, cardiac disease and stroke improving patient placement into appropriate areas of care, such as intensive care units
preventative healthcare
preventative healthcare
preventative healthcare

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