For Employers

A Benefit that Could Be Life Saving

Empower your employees to watch their well-being, with USA Longevity’s advanced CT whole-body scans.

Healthcare that goes above and beyond

There are many benefits for your employees. Explore the many ways your partnership with USA Longevity can help your employees live their life to the fullest.

Increase recruiting and retention

Employees rely on their employers to provide the best healthcare possible. By providing reduced rates for USA Longevity's scans, you’ll go the extra mile in helping employees feel safe and secure.

Cost Savings

It typically costs less to treat health problems when people catch them early. A diagnosis that costs hundreds today could end up saving tens of thousands later.

Be the Gold Standard in Employee Care

There's no healthcare benefit quite like this. But we believe that body scans are the future of employee care — because everyone deserves to know what’s going on inside their body. Join us in leading the charge.
preventative healthcare
preventative healthcare
preventative healthcare